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      Expertise and achievements in the world of chemistry

      Our achievements involve multiple areas of the life of products and factories in the world of chemistry:

      – Research and development of various products
      – Optimization of processes and production methods
      – Project Management
      – Workshop reorganization
      – Plant Management
      – Training

      Achievements in Research, Development, Production, Project management, Training

      Conception & Research, Synthesis

      • Design and synthesis of new fungicides for agriculture.
      • Design and writing of 20 international patents in the field of crop protection products. Many of them are currently used to manufacture agro-fungicides.
      • Various literature searches
      • Development of an additive for Diesel.

      Yield improvement, Optimisation & Training

      • Yield improvement of chemical processes (gain of 1% to 20%). identification and optimization of critical parameters.
      • Optimisation of production proceedings (parameters, protocols, critical path). Gain of 10% to 30% of production time.
      • Improving working conditions : hygiene, mastery of the use of Carcinogenic and toxic products.
      • Operator training in the handling of hazardous materials and process safety.

      Project Management & Reorganisation

      • Project management of the construction of an automated fine chemical production unit. Management of the automation project of a production unit of pharmaceuticals.
      • Reorganization of a Gelcoat production workshop.
      • Plant Management.

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